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ISO12647-x and G7/IDEAlliance solutions guide

Follow the eight Colorsource steps for optimal printed color quality!

Become your own Expert with Colorsource expert press setting software and free tools: High quality color printing is simple and inexpensive when you use the right information, the right methods, and the right tools:

1) Download a free Colorsource universal CMYK test form, for setting all your printing presses.

Colorsource free CMYK test forms

2) Control your color proofs quality before prepress and imposition stage.
You can as well print a Colorsource test form and measure your present CMYK print quality by using Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control free application.


3) Control your offset lithographic plates and calibrate your CtP if required,
Alternatively, check your gravure or flexographic printing forms with appropriate tools,

PLATE CtP and offset plates control app.

PLATE application icon

4) Control your CMYK or special inks formulation in terms of metamerism and concentration BEFORE you install them on your press,

SPOT_Color_Manager inks formulation quality control

SPOT_Color_Manager application icon

5) Determine your CMYK optimal print densities or concentrations at each press setting, for matching their ISO or custom target colors,
Determine each special ink optimal print density or concentration at each press setting,

MagicPress optimal density setting app.

MagicPress N-CLR_option

6) Compute your CMYK printing forms correction curves for each printing configuration and for each press by appropriate test print run, for matching your ISO or custom target TVI curves,
Alternatively, check the existing CMYK gravure corrections curves,
Compute each special ink printing form correction curve for each printing configuration and for each press by appropriate test print run, Alternatively, check the existing gravure corrections curves,

MagicPrepress correction curves app.

MagicPrepress N-CLR_options

MagicPrepress application icon

Job is now done for any standard or special CMYK or N-colors print process!

7) Finalize, document, publish and communicate your CMYK or N-Colors printing standard.

ICC_Normalize CMYK and N-Colors print normalization app.

ICC_Normalize application icon

8) Allow your Partners easy design, soft proofing and hard proofing of your N-Colors printing standards, with using standard low-cost production tools.

ICC_Profile_Convertor app.

ICC_Profile_Convertor application icon

Optimize your print works on colored or transparent medias:

For printing on colored or transparent medias, with or without white ink, compute automatically the ICC profile of your press or digital printer.

CMYK_Backgrounds app.

CMYK_Backgrounds application icon

Catch the right color information and freely test Colorsource applications:

Download Colorsource press-setting software, and use it free for one full week:

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Frequently asked questions:

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Learn more about quality color printing, ISO12647 and G7/IDEAlliance standards, color proofing, color management, and all involved technologies:

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Do not support the so-called ISO12647 "Color certifications": Discover the appropriate tools for Industrial and applicable global corporate color quality control:

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