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Our free ICC_Normalize application allows you finalizing, documenting, archiving, publishing and communicating all your own CMYK or N-Colors printing standards.

It allows you establishing the ICC profile that matches perfectly your 2 to 10 colors ideal custom print standard specifications, by taking into account the residual small mismatches between your specified ideal N-Colors print standard and your reference calibrated press characterization fingerprint, which is never perfect.

This allows all Repro and Print Houses involved in a same production process on a same Supply chain, aiming to the same ideal CMYK or N-Color print standard, rather than aiming to an imperfect reference press fingerprint.

Thanks to ICC_Normalize application, all printing presses at all Print Houses will aim to your specified ideal custom N-Colors print standard, rather than to your imperfect reference test print run. Of course, repro and proofing work will duly use the ideal N-Colors or CMYK ICC profile matching your ideally specified standard, which ICC_Normalize application allows you establishing.

So that by computing the ideal ICC profile of the virtual perfect N-Colors or CMYK reference test print run, ICC_Normalize application allows an even better color harmonization between all production print runs of a same printed product.

Download ICC_Normalize with its user's guide:

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