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By powerful spectral processing, CMYK_Backgrounds application allows you computing how the colors of a CMYK chart will change, depending on each printed media color, even in case of important media color changes.

If the substrate color to be printed is very different from white, you may find that printing one or more white ink layers prior to printing your CMYK inks may be necessary, in order to get a decent CMYK color gamut:

CMYK + RGB colors when printing on red substrate with different numbers of white ink layers

Above image has been computed using CMYK_Backgrounds application:

CMYK_Backgrounds allows you computing how the colors of your CMYK chart patches will change, depending on each printed media AND on the number of white ink layers you print before your CMYK inks.

So that making accurate ICC profiles characterizing your press or digital printer on hundreds of different print substrates, becomes quite fast and easy.

Download CMYK_Backgrounds application with its user's guide:

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