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Global Corporate Color Quality: The industrial solution for Print Producers and Print Buyers

Invest on web 2.0 Supply Chain Color Quality control tools: Professional Investors and Partners welcomed!

Let us end with the so-called ISO12647 "color certifications" that do not bring any serious guarantee to Print Producers and Print Buyers: Do not waste your time and money supporting such bad marketing initiatives!

Because "Colors certifications", as they are promoted today by some organizations, are a technical nonsense, and pure marketing products that cost a lot of money to Print Houses and Print Buyers, without bringing them any serious color quality guarantee! The FACT is that we quite often find so-called "Certified" color proofs and prints with errors and bad colors, because these "Color certifications" are full of holes.

Print Producers and Print Buyers who look for color quality DO NOT need third parties color certifications: They need the appropriate software tools allowing them doing their job. I.e., the appropriate software tool for controlling properly and efficiently their printed colors quality, and this with all traditional and digital printing configurations, including packaging and digital printing thousands of different applications and print configurations.

Colorsource patented solution is the industrial way to guarantee color quality, and Investors and Partners are welcomed.

They can be Print Houses who want to track internally their Color Quality and bring serious industrial quality proofs to their Clients, or Print Buyers such as important Publishing or Packaging Buyers who want to enhance their Supply chain and their own quality control process, by setting-up the appropriate Corporate global color quality software tools, without imposing uselessly expensive tools to their Supply Chain.

Colorsource Corporate Color Quality solution

Colorsource Color Quality control universal solution:

Colorsource universal solution for fast, easy, and reliable quality control of proof and print works, from domestic "RGB" printers to 10 colors printing presses.

Frequently asked questions about Colorsource universal Color Quality control solution:

Many people are talking A LOT about color quality, and promoting these expensive and inefficient so-called "color certification" processes, that do not solve ANY problem, nor give ANY serious guarantee, while costing Print Buyers and their Supply chain a lot of money

While the Print Industry market is just wanting the appropriate SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: Stupid paperwork and certificates will never replace good work!

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