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With MagicPress compute your optimal CMYK solid densities for matching any ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance or WAN-IFRA or any custom print standard


With MagicPress application, a basic scanning spectrophotometer costing less than 1000 US$ replaces quite advantageously the best and most expensive proprietary pressroom spectrophotometers, for all your CMYK and N-Colors color printing applications.

Actually, MagicPress can open any one to ten colors chart measurement file made on any one to ten colors print, using X-Rite i1Pro with free measurement software such as MeasureTool or i1Profiler, or Techkon or Konica-Minolta 45/0° scanning spectrophotometers with software recording their spectral measurements as CGATS files.

Because there are no standard CMYK densities for matching ISO12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance standards, MagicPress application allows you computing instantly the ideal C, M, Y and K inks densities for matching any ISO12647-2 or G7/IDEAlliance (Offset), ISO12647-3 (Newspaper), ISO12647-4 (Gravure) or ISO12647-6 (Flexographic printing) aim colors.

These ideal CMYK print densities... are the ones allowing best possible visual match with the aim solid CMYK Lab colors specified by above print standards. These optimal print densities depend A LOT on the ink brand, ink reference, ink batch and paper reference and batches you are using, even if your CMYK ink set is ISO 2846-x compliant.

After one instant scan measurement of your CMYK solid inks printed at any density, MagicPress computes the four density corrections to be done for minimizing the visual distance (ΔE76, ΔE94, ΔECMC or ΔE2000) between each ink solid colors and its standard's specified color.

The CMYK recommended corrections are specified in terms of density (Status T, status E-DIN or status I), and in terms of ink thickness or pigment concentration, which is necessary for gravure printing. (And sometimes quite useful for offset, flexographic, and inkjet printing as well.)

What's more, MagicPress N-CLR options allows you computing instantly by the same process up to ten density corrections when printing any one to ten colors standard with or without a CMYK base.

You should install MagicPress software module on each printing press for replacing obsolete CMYK densitometers and pressroom spectrophotometers, in order to check your CMYK inks optimal print densities and the critical inks superimpositions at each press setting.

Do not stay in the dark: Colorsource applications bring the best solutions to all your prepress and press-room quality issues, and with using an inexpensive basic Eye-One Pro family or else modern scanning spectrophotometer.

Download MagicPress with its user's guide:

Measuring a CMYK test chart for computing the optimal CMYK print densities with MagicPress application

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