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Free Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control control application


Our free Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control software allows you to check all classic control bars you will find on CMYK color proofs, such as the UGRA/FOGRA Media Wedge 2 & 3, G7/IDEAlliance 2009 or 2013 and Colorsource ISO12647-7 color strips. And this with the help of a simple spectrophotometer such as Eye-One Pro, Eye-One 2 or Eye-One 3, or EFI ES-x.

Automatic control bar recognition and aim standard detection: The control bar type is recognized automatically, and the nearest ISO12647-2-3-4-6 standard is automatically chosen as the aim standard for CMYK inks.

Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control allows you to quickly, reliably and efficiently check your CMYK color proofs, according to ISO 12647-7 or G7/IDEAlliance standards, and also offers you much more sophisticated and relevant quality control modes, based on better visual distance assessments formulae such as ΔE94, ΔECMC2:1 or ΔE2000.

Indeed, the visual distance ΔE76 recommended by ISO12647-7 standards is no longer used by any industry, because this obsolete formula dating from 1976 does not accurately reflect the color differences perceived by our human vision. Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control therefore allows you checking your color proofs in accordance with ISO12647-7 by using the ΔE76 and ΔH, but also allows you a much better evaluation of the actual quality of your CMYK proofs by using modern visual distance ΔE2000.

And going much further, Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control also allows you controlling any color proof or print using one to ten primary inks, and with or without a CMYK base.

So that with Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control, you can control all your digital and traditional print processes with one to ten inks primary inks and/or spot colors, and not only your CMYK prints and proofs.

You can as well download one of our universal CMYK test forms for free, print it "as usual", and use Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control for estimating your current prints' color quality against all modern international standards.

Download your free Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control application:

Controlling various ISO12647-x color proofs with Eye-One Pro

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