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All about ISO12647 and G7/IDEAlliance standards

Colorsource ISO 12647 and G7/IDEAlliance CMYK standards summary:

All you should know about ISO12647-x and G7/IDEAlliance CMYK printing and proofing standards. This 51 pages PDF document is summarizing the necessary information:

1) For setting your printing presses matching ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance* standards,

2) For producing your color proofs complying with ISO12647-7 on a simple A3+ EPSON inkjet costing less than 300 US$,

3) For controlling all CMYK color proofs using freeware, according to ISO 12642, ISO 12647-7 or IDEAlliance standards, or by using more relevant techniques,

4) For making optimized ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance (GRACoL & SWOP) color separations,

5) For downloading affordable applications allowing you fast and easy ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance press settings, with using very affordable and flexible measurement instruments such as Eye-One Pro family, or Techkon or else fast scanning 45/0° spectrophotometer,

6) For knowing ISO12647-2:2013 version and understanding its limits,

7) For updating and enhancing your CMYK ISO or G7/IDEAlliance ICC profiles.

You will find at the end of this PDF document all useful Internet links to download additional technical information, the readymade generic CMYK ISO ICC profiles, and the official characterization data allowing you computing your own enhanced CMYK ISO profiles.

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