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Sample MagicPrepress screenshots

 MagicPrepress application icon

Once you have set optimal solid densities using MagicPress, average a few good copies measurements and check your test print run average CMYK densities are close enough to optimal:

MagicPrepress application computing four correction curves for matching an offset press to ISO 12647, with checking the average measured print run is duly printed with near to optimal CMYK densities
MagicPrepress application instant diagnosis showing the CMYK print will perfectly match Fogra 39 when the computed correction curves are applied by the workflow

Program or update the computed plate or else printing forms correction curves into your PDF workflow:

MagicPrepress application displaying the four CMYK correction curves for matching Fogra 39, to be programmed into the workflow with user?s freely chosen control points

Check your correction curves do the job, and update them when necessary by using commercial print runs measurements:

When measuring a Fogra 39 print run, MagicPrepress shows that the standard is matched but magenta superimposition over cyan ink is bad, which requires checking the Magenta pressures
When measuring a Fogra 39 print run, MagicPrepress diagnosis confirms that Fogra 39 standard is matched but that checking the offset press Magenta pressures is required

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