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ICC_Profile_Convertor screenshots and use

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Simply open any 4 to 10 colors or CMYK ICC Real Press profile in ICC_Profile_Convertor main menu, and the press the " Create and save " button in order ICC_Profile_Convertor computes the CGATS text characterization file of the equivalent Virtual RGB N-Colors press.

Using this Virtual RGB press CGATS characterization file with the profiling software that has created your original N-Colors press ICC profile, ensures that not only you will get exactly the same color gamut, but also the gamut mapping algorithms used for computing all the Rendering Intents of your original N-Colors and equivalent RGB ICC Profile will be the same. So that both your original N-Colors profile and equivalent RGB profile will behave exactly the same way when making your RGB or N-Colors separations, or when soft proofing or hard proofing your images to be printed on the real press.

Of course, soft proofing the Virtual RGB Press output, by using the virtual press RGB ICC profile, makes all prepress operations quite accurate, easy, and fast: You can produce Virtual press RGB color separations, and the according RGB PDF documents.

You can hard proof your RGB PDF on any color printer or color proofer, by using the Virtual RGB Press ICC profile as the source profile, and the printer profile as the destination profile.

Only at the end of your production process, your RGB PDF should be converted (Using Relative Rendering Intent: NO COLOR CHANGE), into N color separations for your N-Colors press. Of course, you can use Absolute Rendering Intent as well, because the paper tint is the same in both Real and Virtual N-Colors press ICC profiles.

ICC_Profile_Convertor application main menu

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