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Print Professionals : Save A LOT of time and PAPER with Colorsource press-setting applications

New spring 2022:

Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control a new UNIVERSAL and FREE software for quality control of all proofs and prints,

MagicPrepress and MagicPress v2.0.0, for perfect press settings AND quality control of prints produced with one to ten inks.

Computing the optimal CMYK densities for matching ISO12647 using MagicPress application

You measure today how much paper is precious!

Thanks to the prepress and pressroom software applications we have developed for you, a basic 45/0° spectrophotometer replaces quite advantageously the best and most expensive proprietary pressroom spectrophotometers, for all your color printing applications using offset, gravure and flexographic technologies.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress applications allow all Print Houses to significantly enhance their print quality, and allow all Print Buyers diagnosing quite accurately any color quality problem.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress allow you managing all your ONE to TEN colors print standards with or without a CMYK base, on all your printing presses.

Too many "color experts" behave today as equipment's and certifications Vendors sales representatives, by explaining you matching ISO12647 or G7/IDEAlliance is complex, requires uselessly expensive equipment, plus completely aberrant "ISO12647 certifications. But this website does prove you that printing the highest color quality is quite simple, quite inexpensive and very productive, when using Colorsource applications, their user's guides and the valuable technical information we supply.

You can freely download and test our software applications demo versions in your print production environment. Please contact us for any advice you would need, or for remote demonstration or technical support via the free remote support link you will find on this site.

We can supply you as well time limited keys for your evaluation of our applications without any functional limitation.

Colorsource do not sell any hardware or third-party software: You can trust our technical point of views and advices, because we are fully independent from all Graphic Industries Vendors, and from the various standardization committees they participate.

Colorsource is a French company dedicated to Color Management and Color Quality. Colorsource can also offer you engineering and on-demand software development services in the field of Digital imaging, Color Management, and Color Quality control, or for tailoring our standard software to specific needs you would have.

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